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Ultimate Scrubber Battery Powered Scrub Brush

Sick of scrubbing baked on food from pots and pans or spending hours in the bathroom scrubbing tile and grout? Those days are over! Now you can do all your household cleaning in half the time with the UltimateScrubber battery powered scrub brush! This scrubbing powerhouse will make short work of tasks that used to take hours! From cleaning grout to scrubbing pots and pans, scrubbing stains out of carpet and clothing, and more - Ultimate-Scrubber does it all!

UltimateScrubber Rotating Scrub Brush

Ultimate Scrubber

This amazing electric scrub brush cuts your cleaning time in half! No more tired aching arms after spending hours doing the cleaning - the Ultimate Scrubber cordless scrubber does all the hard work for you. Its rotating scrub brush head does the equivalent of 300 scrubs per minute - try doing that by hand! Imagine cleaning barbecue grills, pots and pans, grout, tile, carpet stains and more with no effort and in half the time!

With its deep cleaning rotating brushes, it makes your detergents and cleaners up to 20x more effective guaranteed! You will save money on expensive cleaners and will no longer need to use harsh and abrasive chemicals for those tough jobs. Ultimate-Scrubber handles them with ease!

This electric scrub brush comes with 3 brushes (hard, medium, and soft) and a bonus set of auto detailing brushes. There's more! For a limited time you will receive a second Ultimate Scrubber absolutely free! Now you can have one in the kitchen and one in the garage. That's 2 cordless scrubber units, 3 brushes and a set of auto detailing brushes for under $20!

Save money on detergents and cut your cleaning time in half with the ultimate cordless scrubber!

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