Dusting floors can be such a chore! All that bending and kneeling trying to get your duster into those hard to reach areas gets hard on the back and knees after a while! And who has time to dust these days anyway! With the RoboMaid cleaner you can say goodbye to sore knees and back, focus your time on other things, and STILL have perfectly dust free floors - even under furniture!

The Robo Maid This robot ball duster will save you a lot of time and effort keeping your home spotless!

Watch the Robo Maid infomercial and see this amazing invention working!

Robo-Maid Robot Ball Duster

The RoboMaid is a robotic duster that cleans virtually anywhere and automatically sweeps entire rooms in just minutes! This innovative floor dusting solution was an instant hit in Europe and is now available here. The patented robot ball duster combined with electrostatic pads makes the Robo-Maid unprecedented in its ability to clean floors quickly and effectively!

The RoboMaid cleaner has a cordless design that enables it to glide silently and quickly over almost any floor surface picking up dirst, dust, lint, and hair. It cleans the entire floor surface by changing directions automatically as necessary. It works under tables, chairs, and even fits under beds and sofas!

The Robo Maid Robotic Duster works on virtually any floor surface! From tile to hardwood, linoleum, and marble, it cleans them all and saves you hours of dusting and sweeping by hand!

Robo-maid No Longer Available At This Site

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