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Pet Zoom Pet Park

Have you ever been out longer than expected and returned home to find your dog has left a mess on the carpet? Do you have a mature or special needs dog that just can't hold it? Do you have a small dog who lives in your apartment with you? You need the PetZoom Pet Park!

Give your pet a designated place to urinate instead of using your carpet or furniture.

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PetZoom Pet Park

Pet Zoom is an indoor pet potty that looks and feels like a patch of grass, so it is natural for your dog to use. Now your dog can go when they've gotta go! No more soiling your carpet, staining your hardwood floors, or making a mess on the sofa.

The Pet Zoom potty is perfect for older dogs or dogs with special needs who can't hold their bladders for very long. Do you live in an area where there are harsh winters? You no longer have to worry about letting your dog out when it's freezing cold outside. This indoor pet potty is also great for those pet owners who live in high rise apartments or condos. No more waiting for elevators with a frantic dog who's gotta go!

If you have tried to use disposable dog pee pad you'll know that they are a pain to clean up, and sometimes they don't contain the entire mess. The Pet Zoom Pet Park rinses clean in just seconds, and the collection tray holds an entire gallon of liquid! Simply empty the collection tray and rinse clean. No more messy cleanup!

The synthetic grass surface contains antimicrobial agents and is elevated above the collection tray. Liquid passes right through it into the collection base keeping it dry and completely odor free. The mat rinses easily to ensure that it stays fresh and sanitary.

When you order the PetZoom Pet Park through this special internet offer, you will receive the antimicrobial mat, pet park base, and collection tray. In addition, you will receive a free bonus rotary nail groomer so you can trip your dogs nails with ease. Say goodbye to messy dog pee pads and order your Pet Zoom potty today!

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