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Hanging Strawberry Plants

Are you tired of paying outrageous prices for strawberries? Do you hate having to check through all of the packages to find one that doesn't look like the strawberries have gone bad? By growing your own strawberries with Hanging Strawberry Plants, you can enjoy fresh, delicious strawberries all year long!

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Hanging Strawberry Plant

Everyone loves strawberries, and berries are some of the healthiest fruits you can get. They are loaded with Vitamin C and many other important nutrients. If you have been looking for healthy snack ideas for your kids, try giving them fresh strawberries - they'll love it!

Fruits purchased at the grocery store are covered in preservatives and pesticides. You can wash them, but wouldn't you rather be eating fruit that have never been sprayed with any chemicals?

Do you find when you buy a flat of strawberries that half of them go bad in just a couple of days? Once they have been picked and packaged they lose their freshness and start to decompose very quickly. What a waste! You will never have to deal with that again as long as you have fresh berries growing in your hanging strawberry planter! Just pick fresh berries whenever you need them!

Save Money!

In many areas, strawberries are affordable in summer, but get very expensive for the rest of the year. By growing strawberries in hanging baskets you and your family can enjoy huge, juicy, delicious strawberries all year round without all the extra cost. In fact, the hanging strawberry basket can save you hundreds of dollars over purchasing strawberries from the store!

Easy to grow, fast results!

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets is so easy! These Tri-Star strawberry plants will grow in regular soil or any other type of potting medium. To keep the plants healthy and producing, just follow the easy care instructions that you receive with the plants. These hanging strawberries are very fast growing. You will have big, tasty strawberries in as little as 60 days, and the plants keep producing all year round!

Not only do hanging strawberry plants provide you with fresh strawberries year-round, but they add to your home decor. The hanging strawberry basket makes a great decorative planter.

Special Bonus!

When you order through this limited offer you will receive an 8.5 inch hanging strawberry planter, 3 Tri-star strawberry plants, easy care instructions, and an amazing strawberry jam recipe. You will also receive a second hanging strawberry plant package for free (just pay S&H)!

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