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Banjo Minnow Fishing Systems

If you have tried all kinds of fishing equipment, lures, and tackle but you are still not catching the fish then you need the Banjo Minnow Fishing System!

Banjo 006 Minnows Help You Catch More Fish!

Banjo Minnow Fishing Lure System

Isn't it frustrating to spend all day fishing only to catch nothing? Now you can finally end that frustration and catch the fish you could never catch before! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, Banjo Minnows will help you catch more fish!

When fished with a series of short jerks with a pause in between, the BanjoMinnow lures mimic the movements of a wounded and dying minnow. This triggers a genetic response in the fish you are trying to catch, making fish bite even when they are not hungry!

Banjo Minnows look exactly like a real minnow, swim like real minnows, and die with the spastic action of real minnows! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you will dramatically increase the number of fish you catch on your next fishing trip with the Banjo Fishing System!

The BanjoMinnow 110 piece fishing system comes with:

  • 30 minnows 3", 4", and 5" (in 6 colors)
  • 2 glow in the dark 'Firefly' minnows in 2 colors
  • 60 Weed guards
  • 9 weedless hooks in 3 different sizes (#1, #4, and #8)
  • 5 sets of patented removable plastic eyes
  • 2 sets of patented metal eyes
  • 2 El Sinko hooks
  • 1 Instructional DVD and pamphlet

The Banjo 006 Minnow special instructional video is packed with proven techniques for fishing the Banjo Fishing System. Since the Banjo Minnow is not fished like a conventional lure, this video is a must-see. The detailed explanations on how to master the Banjo Minnow Fishing System will make you a better fisherman in no time!

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